Test Results and Feedback

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Results and feedback are available to students after they complete a test.

1. Beside the deployed test, click the chevron button and select Edit the Test Options.

2. Scroll down to the Show Test Results and Feedback to Students section.

3. Set (up to) two rules to show results and feedback. If conflicts in rules occur, the most permissive settings for that user or group of users is granted.

For example, students would receive the greatest number of attempts and longest availability time.

  • When: Set when appropriate test results and feedback are shown to students:
    • After Submission
    • One-time View: After students submit a test, the selected feedback options are in effect for students to view ONCE. Immediately after a student navigates away from the test, all feedback is restricted unless the instructor changes the setting.
    • On Specific Date: After the selected date and time.
    • After Due Date
    • After Availability and End Date
    • After Attempts are Graded
  • Score: Show the score a student achieved out of points possible.
  • All Answers: Show all answer options.
  • Correct: Show the correct answers.
  • Submitted: Show all of a student’s submitted answers.
  • Feedback: Show instructor-generated feedback messages for each question.
  • Show Incorrect Questions: Show the questions a student answered incorrectly or partially incorrectly.

Example: You select After Submissions, Score, All Answers, Correct, Submitted, Feedback, and Show Incorrect Questions. Students see their scores along with all answer options. They also see their submitted answers marked as correct or incorrect, and any feedback you have provided.

Example: If students are taking the test at different times, you can choose to make a limited amount of feedback available until all students have completed the test.

4. Click Submit.

When you first deploy the test, you can choose to present only the Score. After all students have taken the test, edit the test options to show more. You can create an announcement to notify students that additional feedback is available. Students can return to the test to view the additional feedback.