Lesson Plan

A Lesson Plan is special content type that combines information about the lesson itself with the curriculum resources used to teach it. Default Lesson Plan sections include the instructional level, grade level, goals, and subject area of the lesson. Additional sections can be added to the Lesson Plan, arranged to appear in any order and optionally displayed to students.

1. Turn Edit Mode to ON.

Edit Mode Blackboard

2. Click on the content area (i.e. Course Information, Course Documents, etc.) where the file is to be uploaded.

3. Hover over the Build Content button.

4. Click Lesson Plan.

5. On the Create Lesson Plan page, the Content Information tab appears first by default. This tab enables you to display general information for users at the top of the Lesson Plan in a gray box.

6. Type a Name for the content item - select a color for the text.

7. Enter Description desired.

8. Type information for the default elements: Instructional Level, Instructor, Objectives, Subject Area, Author, and Assess Instructional Levels.

  • A default element’s title can be edited by clicking the existing title to access the Edit Element Name text box.
  • Delete an element by clicking the X.
  • Select the check box next to Share with students for each element that you want to appear in the Lesson Plan when students view it. Clear the check box next to Share with students for any information that is for instructors only.

9. To add new elements, hover over the Add Lesson Plan Section button on the Action Bar and select an element.

The new element is added to the bottom of the list on the Create Lesson Plan page, where you can edit its title and use its Text Editor, if available.

10. Select Yes to "Permit Users to View this Content."

11. Click Save and Exit to save the Lesson Plan shell and return to the course/organization area. You can edit the Lesson Plan later to create content items.


Click Save and Continue to display the Curriculum Resources tab and create content now. Content is created the same was as any content area using the Build Content, Assessments, Tools, and Partner Content drop downs.


A newly created Lesson Plan is an empty container. Click the link to the Lesson Plan in the course/organization area to access it. Next, point to any of the functions in the Action Bar to create content.

After creating content in the course/organization area, you can set the sequence of items with the drag-and-drop function or the Keyboard Accessible Reordering tool on the Action Bar.

This article was updated: 05/17/2017