Adding VoiceThread to a Course/Organization

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1. Within a course/organization, go to a content area (i.e., Course Documents, Course Information, Assignments, etc.)

2. Build Content >> VoiceThread

3. Enter a title and description (optional) - **The description cannot contain any line breaks or multiple paragraphs.

4. If you will be creating a graded assignment, select Yes beside the "Enable Evaluation" option and enter the number of points the assignment is worth.

5. Click Submit

Setting up an organization link

After you have added organization link to your course/organization, you need to decide what you want students/participants to see when they click on that link.

1. Start by clicking on the link you’organization just created.  This will show you the organization Setup page, where you can select the option that best fits your needs. These options are detailed below.

Note: If you want organization integrated with your grade book, you must use the Assignment Builder.


Course View

Display the collection of VoiceThread that have been shared with your course/organization. Anything that has not yet been explicitly shared with your course/organization will not appear here.

This is a good option when you want students/participants to find and comment on each other’s work or if you want to allow students/participants to review all course/organization materials before an exam.


Individual VT

Display any organization that you have created. When students/participants click on the link, they see just this one organization.

This option is the best way to create an organization discussion board or lecture. Students/Participants will not need to look through a collection of VoiceThread to find the correct one; they will be taken straight to it.

VT Home

Display all of a student’s/participant's organization content in a single view. This includes all VoiceThread and all courses/organizations that belong to them.

This option is useful if you want to create a simple portal into an organization without directing students/participants to any specific content.

Assignment Builder

Create a graded assignment for students/participants to complete. You can require them to create an organization of their own to submit, to comment on an organization you’organization created, or simply to watch an organization from start to finish.

After you’organization selected the type of assignment you’d like to create, you’organization be walked through the steps to complete the setup process. You can include a description for your assignment, select an organization you’organization created for the Comment or Watch Assignment, decide whether students/participants are allowed to resubmit their assignments or if the first submission is final, and even require a specific number of comments for the Comment Assignment.