VoiceThread Troubleshooting

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Known issues specific to Blackboard:

  • Assignment due dates do not save within Blackboard.
  • You cannot have a line break or hyperlinked item in the description of any link.
  • Submitted assignments do not show up in the “Needs Grading” area of the grade center.

Error message: “Your signature for authentication is invalid.”

If the issue is isolated to a single link, the description entered by the instructor/leader when setting up the VoiceThread link in the course/organization likely contains a line break.  Descriptions in Blackboard must be a single, continuous paragraph.  To correct this, edit the description so that it does not contain any line breaks at all.

If the issue occurs with all links in all courses, have your Blackboard administrator check to make sure the Shared Secret is entered correctly in your Global LTI Configuration and Placement, and that the clock on your Blackboard server is accurate.

Can’t see student/participant submission for grading

The student/participant likely did not click the “Submit Assignment” button after completing his work.  The student/participant can simply go back into the assignment and click “Submit Assignment” at a later time.  He will not need to re-do his work.

Don’t have the option to enable grading for your VoiceThread link

Grading likely has not yet been enabled for LTI tools.  Please refer your Blackboard administrator to the setup instructions.

You’re not automatically signed in to VoiceThread when you click on a VT link

Make sure your web browser accepts third-party cookies.

When you click on a VT link, you see a page titled “VoiceThread Account Verification”

This means you already had a VoiceThread account under your email address, and the system is now trying to connect that existing account with your Blackboard profile.  You’ll only need to complete this step once.  To proceed through this page:

  • Click on the link that says “Set it here” to set a verification password for your account.
  • Proceed through the steps to set a password.  This will involve receiving an email from VoiceThread.
  • Use that password you just set on the verification page.