YouTube Video

Enter search information and click Go to view the results. The order of search results is determined by YouTube.

1. Turn Edit Mode to ON.

 Edit Mode Blackboard

2. Go to the content area (i.e. Course Information, Course Documents, etc.) where the item is to be uploaded.

3. Hover over the Build Content button.

4. Click YouTube Video.

5. In the Search box, enter a keyword or phrase of the type of video being searched.

6. Select a Language.

7. Click Go.

8. Click Preview or Select the desired video.

9. When an option is selected, enter a name (if different from the default).

10. Enter a Description - optional.

11. Select Mashup Options.

  • View: Thumbnail will show as full size when View Link is clicked. Embed Photo will show the photo directly in the page.
  • Show YouTube URL: Yes or No
  • Show YouTube Information: Yes or No

12. Attach a Link - optional

13. Select Yes beside "Permit Users to View this Content."

14. Click Submit.


This article was updated: 04/27/2017