Blank Page

A blank page presents information on a single page. Think of it as a blank sheet of paper.

1. Turn Edit Mode to ON.

Edit Mode Blackboard

2. Go to the content area (i.e. Course Information, Course Documents, etc.) where the item is to be uploaded.

3. Hover over the Build Content button.

4. Click Blank Page.

5. Type a Name for the content item.

6. Type instructions or a description in the content editor (content) box.

7. Click Browse to attach a file.

  • Browse My Computer - To select items that have been saved on your local computer's hard drive, a Flash/USB drive, a CD, etc.
  • Browse Content Collection - To select a file that has been saved in the Content System.

8. Select Yes to "Permit Users to View this Content."

** Set the options for Track Number of Views and Date Restrictions.

9. Click Submit.



This article was updated: 05/16/2018