Content System

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The Content Collection provides central file storage for all content. Instructors/Leaders can link to items anywhere in the Content Collection when creating content for their course/organization. When an instructor/leader changes an item in the Content Collection, all links to the item reflect those changes. Using the links in the Control Panel, instructors/leaders can access the content in their course/organization, in all of the instructor's/leader's courses, in all of the instructor's/leader's organizations, or in the Institution Content.

This area allows the instructor to add files to different Content System areas:

  • Course/Organization ID (the specific course you are currently in) area
  • eID (username) area - designated to just this user My Content area
  • All Courses Content - all of the user's courses they are enrolled in
  • All Organizations Content - all of the user's organization they are enrolled in
  • Institution Content - public

Basic and Advanced Searches can be performed here.