Respondus LockDown Browser (RLB)

Creates a “locked” testing environment for Blackboard.

Respondus LockDown Browser is a client application that is installed to a local computer. It provides a custom interface for the Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Macintosh) software that is already installed on the computer. It does not modify an existing copy of Internet Explorer or Safari, but rather, installs a separate program that will display the custom browser when it is started.Respondus  LockDown Browser uses the same security features and service packs that are currently installed for Internet Explorer or Safari. Installing Respondus LockDown Browser won't modify the current version of Internet Explorer or Safari in any way.

Respondus LockDown Browser creates a “locked” testing environment for Blackboard.

Respondus LockDown Browser is not intended to replace the browser used by faculty/leaders or students/participants within Blackboard. Responds LockDown Browser is only intended for use by students/participants while taking assessments that have been prepared for use with Responds LockDown Browser. This browser has not been tested for use in other areas of the Blackboard Learning System.

Minimum System Requirements for the new version
• Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
• Internet Explorer
• 4 MB of permanent space on the hard drive
• OS X 10.5 or higher
• Safari browser
• 3 MB of permanent space on the hard drive

Mobile Devices: Users cannot take tests that use Respondus LockDown Browser on their mobile devices.

Install Respondus LockDown Browser

Note: Use a standard Windows or Macintosh installer that can be downloaded by faculty/leaders or students/participants from the following link (Note: this link is unique for your institution):

1. Go to

2. Select Windows or Mac (whichever you are using).

3. Select if you are using a Lab Computer, Your own Computer, or a Work Computer.

4. The file downloaded will have the name LockDownSFX.exe. Locate and double-click the file to start the setup process. Follow the on screen instructions.

5. Once installed, locate the RLB icon on your desktop and double-click it to launch the software.

This installation is only needed once on a single computer.

Make the Tool Available

1. Go to Control Panel >> Customization >> Tool Availability

2. Put a check in the box beside Respondus LockDown Browser.

The tool can now be found under the Tools/Communications button.

Enable Respondus LockDown Browser on a Test:

1. Within the course, go to the Control Panel >> Course Tools

2. Click Respondus LockDown Browser.

3. A list of all the test that have already been deployed in the course will be listed. Click Settings beside the test that you would like to enable with Respondus LockDown Browser.

4. Select the "Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this test" option. Do NOT enter a password.

5. Click Submit.

This article was updated: 05/8/2017