SoftChalk Publish with ScoreCenter

Authenticate your Blackboard user identity to your software.

If you wish to use the Publish Lesson feature available in SoftChalk, you must authenticate your Blackboard user identity to your software. To complete this process you will need a personal access code. Click Submit below and your personal Blackboard access code will be displayed.

1. Control Panel >> Course/Organization Tools >> SoftChalk Publish with ScoreCenter

2. Click Submit.

3. Copy the access code (a long series or numbers and letters).

4. Start SoftChalk

5. Choose File/Publish Lesson.

6. On the Servers tab, click New.

7. Paste the access code and enter the descriptive name and server address.

8. Click OK.

Your SoftChalk will be linked to your Blackboard identity and you may publish to any of your Blackboard courses. You will need to repeat this process if you have other computers with SoftChalk.

For more information, see the Blackboard Integration Guide at

This article was updated: 05/8/2017