Enrollment Options

Control how students/participants enroll in the course/organization.

1. Go to the Control Panel >> Customization >> Enrollment Options.

  • The Instructor/System Administrator option enables the Instructor/Leaders or System Administrator to control the enrollment process. Select the check box to create a link for students/participants to email an enrollment request to the instructor/leader. This link appears in the Course/Organization Catalog.
  • The Self Enrollment option allows students/participants to enroll themselves in the course/organization. Use the date fields to set a Start Date, an End Date, or both to control the time frame that students/participants can self-enroll. If no dates are selected, students/organizations may continuously self-enroll unless the course/organization is made unavailable or the Course/Organization Duration dates have passed. An Access Code can be used to verify the self-enrollment process.
2. Click Submit.

This article was updated: 05/9/2017