Guest and Observer Access


Guests are defined as users in a course/organization who do not directly participate in activities.

These permissions control Guest access to a course/organization.

1. Go to the Control Panel >> Customization >> Guest and Observer Access.

2. Select Yes/No beside "Allow Guests."

Note: The Observer option is not enabled on Bb.

3. Click Submit.

Allowing Guests access to the course/organization does not grant them access to all the features of the course/organization. Access cannot be permitted to features that are restricted at the system level. It is possible to permit Guest Access to individual features through the Tool Availability link under Customization on the Control Panel.

Additional Steps

In addition to these steps, please go to Control Panel >> Customization >> Tool Availability and make sure every area that you would like guests to have access to are checked under the "Visible to Guests" column.

Once this is done, you will need to go to each menu button and make sure it has been selected to "Permit Guests."

This article was updated: 12/8/2017