Tool Availability

You can select which tools are available in your course/organization and which users have access to them. For example, if you will not use the course/organization messages tool, make it unavailable. No one can see it or access it, including you, until you make it available again. On the Tool Availability page, available tools are listed alphabetically.

For the tools you make available in your course/organization, you can add links to them on the course/organization menu and in course/organization areas. If you add the Tools area to your course/organization menu, students/participants see all the tools that you have made available on one page.

Watch Tutorial

1. Go to the Control Panel >> Customization >> Tool Availability.

2. Select or clear the check boxes of the tools you want to use in your course/organization and which users will have access to these tools.

  • Available: The tool is available throughout your course and is open to all users that have a role permitting the use of the tool.
  • Visible to Guests: The tool is visible (read-only), but not usable to guests when guests are permitted in your course/organization.
  • Visible to ObserversThe tool is visible (read-only), but not usable to observers when observers are permitted in your course/organization.
  • Available in Content Areas: You can place a link to a tool in one or more content areas in your course/organization.

Circle with a diagonal line: Your institution made the tool unavailable, or it is unavailable in the system.

If tools are made unavailable after a period of being available, either at the course/organization level by you or at the system level by your institution, no content is deleted from the system. If the tools are made available again, the existing content remains and becomes accessible.

3. Click Submit.

Filter the Display

On the action bar, click Filter by to sort the table based on availability status for the tool and for the role users have in a course/organization. Filtering makes it easier to see which tools are available and visible, and change settings based on those criteria.

This article was updated: 12/6/2017