Performance Dashboard

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The Performance Dashboard provides you with a view of all types of user activity in your course or organization. All users enrolled in your course/organization are listed, including instructors/leaders, students/participants, teaching assistants/assistants, graders, and guests, with pertinent information about each user’s progress and activity.

Go tot Control Panel >> Evaluation >> Performance Dashboard

Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard page appears and displays a summary of information for your course:

  • Last Name, First Name, and Username: The user's name and the username they use to log in to Blackboard Learn.
  • Role: A user's defined role within your course/organization. Examples of roles include instructors/leaders, students/participants, teaching assistants/assistants, graders, and guests. A user can have one role in a course/organization, and a different role in another. 
  • Last Course Access: The date and time when a user last accessed your course.
  • Days Since Last Course Access: The number of days that have elapsed since the last time a user accessed your course/organization.
  • Review Status: Displays how many items have been reviewed. For a detailed view, click the number shown. If the review status tool has not been enabled for your course/organization, this column does not appear.
  • Adaptive Release: Displayed only if the adaptive release is enabled in your course/organization. Clicking the icon opens a new window showing a directory tree overview of the entire course relative to a user and the access status. 
  • Discussion Board: Displayed only if the discussion board tool is enabled in your course/organization. Clicking a number link opens the Discussion Board page listing all of the selected user's discussion board comments in your course/organization.
  • Customize Retention Center: Displayed only if the Retention Center tool is enabled in your course/organization. This column shows the number of triggered rules and the number of total rules that may trigger a warning. For example, 2/6 would mean a user has triggered two rules out of six total. Clicking the data in this column will display a page showing the Retention Center status for the user.
  • View Grades: Displayed only if the Grade Center is enabled. This column provides direct links to the Full Grade Center.

You can click Print to open the page in a new window in a printer-friendly format. You can sort all applicable columns.

Review Status Indicator

The numbers provided in the Review Status column of the Performance Dashboard indicate the number of items that a student/participant has marked as Reviewed.

Using adaptive release rules in your course/organization creates multiple tracks for students/participants to progress through. This allows for the possibility that each student/participant will have a different requirement for marking certain items in your course/organization as Reviewed. At any time, items in a student’s/participant's track may or may not be visible to them. The Performance Dashboard provides an at-this-moment view of the item availability and a student’s/participant's progress on reviewing items.

The Review Status number for each user links to a list of the items that a user sees as Reviewed and Mark Reviewed in your course/organization.

The Review Status column is only visible if the review status tool has been enabled for your course/organization.

Adaptive Release

The adaptive release indicator in the Performance Dashboard for each user opens a tree view of the course/organization menu, showing all items in your course/organization. Icons beside each item indicate the visibility of an item to that user, and the review status of any items with a review requirement, if applicable.

Adaptive Release and Review Status Icons
Visible: This item is visible to that user.
Invisible: This item is not visible to that user.
Reviewed: This item has been marked as Reviewed by the user.
Mark Reviewed: This item is displayed as Mark Reviewed by the user, but has not yet been marked as reviewed.

Note: The Adaptive Release column is visible only if an adaptive release has been enabled for your course.

This article was updated: 12/7/2017