Grade Center

By default, there are two ways to view your Grade Center.

  • Needs Grading - Instructors/Leaders can view assignment and assessment attempts that are ready for review or grading on the Needs Grading page.
    • Sort any column by clicking the column heading. Use the Filter drop-down lists to narrow the list by Category, Item, User, and Date Submitted. For example, make selections in both the Category and User drop-down lists to display tests submitted by a particular user. Click Go to display the filtered items on the Needs Grading page.

      The instructor/leader may navigate to other areas of the course and return to the same filtered list on the Needs Grading page. The filtered list remains in effect until either the Filter choices are edited or the browser is closed. Click the X to collapse the Filter field.

    • Click Grade All to place attempts in a queue for easy navigation among items; if a filter has been applied, only the filtered items appear in the queue. Attempts appear in the order they were sorted on the Needs Grading page. Once attempts have been graded, they do not appear on the Needs Grading page and the number of items updates to reflect the current number that needs to be graded.
    • Click Show All or Edit Paging to display a maximum of 1,000 items on each page.
  • Full Grade Center - In the Screen Reader mode, the table is static and grades may be entered on the Grade Details page accessed by selecting the table cell for the grade. In the interactive mode of the Grade Center, grades can be typed directly in the cells. Use the arrow keys or the tab key to navigate through the Grade Center and the enter key to submit a grade.
    • The Filter Bar can be used to view specific items in the Grade Center. This view is focused by using the following criteria. These criteria can be stacked to produce a view such as all users who are still working on a test.
      • Current View: Choose from available Smart Views, Grading Periods, or the Full Grade Center.
      • Category: Choose from the available Categories.
      • Status: Choose a status defined by the system.
    • Click the Set as Default button to lock the view you have created using the Filter Bar.
    • The Icon Legend indicates the status of the grade for each student/participant.

This article was updated: 05/9/2017