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Grade Columns represent any student/participant effort that is measured. Columns are added to the Grade Center automatically for work done on the system in Discussion Boards, Assignments, Tests, etc. Results of work that is not completed within Bb, such as test handed out in class, can be recorded in the Grade Center by creating a Grade Column.

1. Control Panel >> Grade Center >> Full Grade Center

2. Click Create Column.

3. Type a Column Name.

4. Select the Primary Display of the grade.

Primary and Secondary Displays

Grades can have a Primary Display and a Secondary Display. The Primary Display is shown to students. The Secondary Display is viewed only in the Grade Center.

Grades can be displayed in these formats:

    • Score: Shows a numeric score, such as "78." This format is commonly used as a Secondary Display. It is not often revealed to students unless they understand the total score possible and can compare their scores to the total.
    • Text: Shows text, such as Pass or Fail, or a range of text messages such as "Excellent," "Very Good," "Good," "Fair," and "Poor."
    • Percentage: Shows a percentage such as "90%".
    • Letter: Shows a letter grade, such as "A," "A-," "B+," and so on.
    • Complete/Incomplete: Shows a check mark for complete. Note: if something is incomplete nothing will be entered for that student. There is no icon to represent an incomplete item.

5. Select a category for this particular column. Note: This is optional but a column must be assigned a category when using the category selections in a weighted column calculations.

6. Enter the Possible Points.

7. Select Rubric options - optional.

8. Select a Due Date - optional.

9. Indicate if you want to "Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations".

10. Select if you want to show this column to students/participants in their My Grades area.

11. Click Submit.

This article was updated: 12/14/2017