Grading Periods

Grading periods are user-created segments that help you manage the Grade Center. Defining grading periods and associating Grade Center columns with them allows you to effectively organize and report on Grade Center data. You can filter the Grade Center by grading periods to display only the columns in the segment. For example, you can configure the Grade Center to display only the first quarter’s columns, reducing searching and scrolling.

You can create grading periods to group Grade Center columns together by a period of time, such as terms, semesters, or quarters. You can also create grading periods to group columns together by a shared characteristic, such as all the gradable columns for a group project or a research paper. When you create grading periods based on a date range, you can select a setting to automatically associate all existing columns with due dates that occur in the date range. You can also manually associate one or multiple columns to a grading period.

By default, the Grade Center has no grading periods established. You can associate any column with a grading period except user columns. You cannot associate a column with more than one grading period simultaneously.

You can use grading periods to:

  • Filter your view of the Grade Center. For example, you can filter using the first quarter grading period and view only the pertaining columns in the Grade Center grid.
  • Calculate grades. For example, you can create a total column that calculates a grade for the columns in the first quarter.
  • Create a report. You can create a report that displays statistics of performance for all of the columns in a grading period.

You can create an unlimited number of grading periods to organize your columns. After you create a grading period, you can do the following:

  • Associate a new column with a grading period during or after column creation, if at least one grading period exists.
  • Associate existing columns with due dates that occur in a date range with a new grading period.
1. Go to the Control Panel >> Grade Center >> Full Grade Center >> Manage >> Grading Periods.
2. Click Create Grading Period.
3. Type a Name and optionally, provide a Description. The description can assist with identifying the grading period.
4. Select the Grading Period Dates.
  • Select None to manually associate columns with the grading period. For example, you can create a grading period named "Group Project." Later, you can manually associate the columns for the project.
  • Select Range and type a date range that is used to associate columns that have a due date within that range. Alternatively, use the pop-up Date Selection Calendarto select dates. Each grading period must have unique dates.
Note: This only applies to existing columns that you have assigned due dates to. You must associate new columns with the grading period during or after column creation, if at least one grading period exists.
5. Optionally, select the check box for Associate Columns to associate all existing columns with a due date within the assigned date range.
6. Click Submit.

IMPORTANT! You cannot associate Grade Center columns with more than one grading period. A newly created grading period with the same or overlapping date range will override the settings of an existing grading period. All columns associated with the existing grading period will become associated with the new one.

Grading periods appear in the list on the Grading Periods page and on the Column Organization page. If you chose to automatically associate columns with due dates with the grading period, the columns appear in the grading period table on the Column Organization page.

Column Organization Page

Sort, Edit, and Delete Grading Periods

On the Grading Periods page, you can sort, edit, and delete grading periods. To sort the Title column, click the column heading. If many grading periods exist, click Show All to display all on one page. Click Edit Paging to change the number of items to view per page.

To edit or delete a grading period, access its contextual menu and click Edit or Delete. Alternatively, select one or multiple check boxes or select the check box in the header row and click Delete on the action bar. All Grade Center columns associated with a deleted grading period are reset and will not be associated with a grading period.

If you change the date range for a grading period and select the Associate Columns check box, all of the existing columns with due dates that match the new date range will be associated with the grading period. 

Delete Grading Period


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This article was updated: 05/8/2017