Create an Extra Credit Column

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You can create an extra credit column in the Grade Center that is included in the total computation and has a maximum score of 0. Then, you can assign extra credit points as needed.

Columns in Grade Center

ColumnPoints Possible
Assign 1 10
Assign 2 10
Essay 50
Test 30
Extra Credit 0
Total 100

Be sure to set the total column as the external grade column.

1. On the action bar, click Create Column.

2. On the Create Grade Column page, provide the appropriate information.

3. For Primary Display, select Score from the drop-down list.

4. For Secondary Display, select Percentage from the drop-down list.

5. For Points Possible, type 0.

6. Click Yes for Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations.

7. Click Submit.

The extra credit column appears in the Grade Center. After adding points in an extra credit column, it is possible for a student's/participant's total points to equal more than 100 percent. If a student/participant receives full credit for all gradable items (100 points) and also receives 6 extra credit points, his or her total is 106 out or 100 or 106%.