Export/Archive Course/Organization

The Export/Archive Course/Organization page organizes all export and archive packages that you create from a course/organization. When you export or archive a course/organization, a link to the package appears on this page. You can download the package to your computer, and then use it in the future for import or restore operations.

When you export or archive a package, it does not appear on this page immediately. An email is sent to you as soon as the system has created and completed the package. Then, Refresh or reopen this page to find the package. Click on the link to download it.

Note: It will download to wherever you have defaulted on your computer for items to be downloaded. This place is usually under Start >> Documents >> Downloads; but is not always the case.

Blackboard recommends that you delete packages from this page after you download them. Each package counts against the course/organization quota. Keeping packages may result in limited space to add additional content to the course/organization.

This article was updated: 05/9/2017