Archive a Course/Organization

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The archive course/organization feature creates a permanent record of a course/organization including all the content and user interactions. Archived courses/organizations are saved as ZIP files. Archiving a course/organization does not delete it from the system.

Note: All files within the course/organization are included in the archive, even if a file was not linked in the course/organization.

1. Go to the Control Panel >> Packages and Utilities >> Export/Archive Course/Organization.

2. Click Archive Course/Organization.

3. On the Archive Course/Organization page, to Include Grade Center History, select the check box following the course ID. Selecting this option increases file size and processing time.

4. In the File Attachments section, include only the links to course/organization files -OR- include the links and copies of the course/organization files content.

If you select Copy links and include copies of the content, click Calculate Size to be sure that the package size does not exceed the displayed Allowed package size. To remove files and folders from the package, click Manage Package Contents.

5. Click Submit.

Download the Course/Organization Package

When you submit the Archive or Export Course/Organization page, the system begins to create the course/organization package. When the package is complete, you will receive an email from the system. Then, you can download the course/organization package.

1. Go to the Control Panel >> Packages and Utilities >> Export/Archive Course/Organization.

2. Click the link for the package to download.

3. Save the file to the appropriate location (your local computer is the recommended location.)

You can view the basic or detailed log from the contextual menu of an archived course/organization.

The user is responsible for keeping track of this saved file. If the instructor/leader wishes to restore the course/organization, they must put a ticket into the IT Support Center requesting a restore and providing this saved file.