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A course/organization import package is a ZIP file of exported course/organization content. Importing a course/organization package into an existing course/organization copies the content of the package into the existing course/organization. Import packages do not include user enrollments or records, such as discussion board posts and assessment attempts.

IMPORTANT! Never upload an exported course/organization package that has been edited after it was created and downloaded. Opening the ZIP file and changing any of the files in the exported course/organization package will result in unstable and unpredictable behavior when the course/organization is imported.

1. Go to the Control Panel >> Packages and Utilities >> Import Package/View Logs.

2. Click Import Package.

3. Provide the path to the course/organization package or click Browse to search for the saved package.

4. Select the course materials to include - this should be the same course/organization materials selected in the export.

5. Click Submit.

About Content Areas

Content from menu content areas that have the same name in the package as in the existing course/organization will be added to the same content area. Nothing will be removed from the course/organization and replaced with content from the package. Imported content is appended to existing content in the same content area.

About Discussion Board Forums

You can decide whether to copy starter posts for each thread in each forum (anonymously) or include only forums with no starter posts. 

About Course Links

Links to parts of a course/organization that are not imported will break when the links appear in the destination course. For example, if a link to a test in a content area and assessments are not imported, the link to the test is broken.

How to View Import Logs

1. On the Control Panel >> Packages and Utilities >> Import Package/View Logs.

2. In the Import Log Name column, click the package link.

Options to email and download the log are available. You can also expand each log detail to view more information.

Importing Common Cartridge Packages

Blackboard supports the IMS Global Learning Consortium's Common Cartridge project to encourage the sharing of content across learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard Learn.

Course/Organization packages in common cartridge 1.0 and 1.1 format can be imported into Blackboard Learn in the same way as other course packages. To enable reuse in a broad number of LMSs, the package is limited to widely available features. Types of content not supported by common cartridge will not be included when a course/organization is exported and imported into common cartridge format.

  • Files, items, discussion forums, web links (URLs), and assessments will be included, but certain components may be excluded. For example, topics in discussion forums are exported, but grading, which is not supported by other LMSs, is not.
  • The IMS Common Cartridge standards do not currently support all assessment question types or attributes, so exported tests and pools will not include incompatible questions.

Common cartridge imports a course/organization into a single folder of content. Each content area is then imported as a sub-folder inside the main course/organization folder. As an example, if a common cartridge package was exported from a Blackboard Learn course/organization and then re-imported, the result would be a course/organization with a single content area containing a folder for each original content area, and a web links content area containing all the web links.

To learn more, see Common Cartridge Course Packages.

This article was updated: 01/18/2018