Make a User Available/Unavailable within a Course/Organization

Instructors/Leaders can make a course/organization available to an individual user.

1. Go to the Control Panel >> Users and Groups >> Users.

2. Click the chevron button beside the individual user's name.

3. Select Change User's Availability in Course/Organization.

**Warning** Make sure you do not click the "Remove Users from Course" by mistake. This will cause the user to be deleted from the course along with any work, grades, etc. associated with them. This information is NOT retrievable.

4. Users are made available by default in every course. Beside "Available (this course/organization only)", select No/Yes.

5. Click Submit.

Note: This can only be done one by one for each individual user. There is no way to select more than one user and make them available/unavailable in a course/organization.

This article was updated: 05/16/2017