Manually Enroll Users

These instructions can be used in both courses and organizations.
Users that have an existing account in the system can be manually enrolled in the course/organization.
Note: Please be aware that a user will NOT be officially enrolled in a course through Banner just because they are manually enrolled into a course in Blackboard; meaning, they could potentially not get credit [from the university] for the course. Also, the user's enrollment for the course/organization will not be controlled by snapshot. For a course, to fix the registration in Banner, the user will need to contact Records and Registration. Please make sure the user understands this.

1. Control Panel >> Users and Groups >> Users

2. Click the Find Users to Enroll button.

3. Enter the user's username/eID (not their email addresses.)

If you do not already know the users eID, click Browse to search for users. Only users that are not already enrolled in the course/organization will be identified in a search for users.

The results of a search will display up to 25 names on a page. Searches that result in more than 25 users will display users on multiple pages. It is not possible to enroll multiple users who appear on different pages. Instead, select users to enroll from a single page and click Submit. Redo the search to select additional users to enroll.

4. Select the role you would like this user to have in the course/organization.

5. Click Submit.

For mass enrollments for an Organization, go to Manage My Organizations.

This article was updated: 11/6/2017