Manage My Organizations

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These instructions in the below link are only for batch enrollments/unenrollments of an organization.

The Manage My Organizations module is located on the Organizations tab.

The Manage My Organizations module is not to be confused with the My Organizations module above it. You will notice that the organizations in the Manage My Organizations module have "[Edit Users]" beside them.


Batch Add Users or Batch Remove Users

First, you will need to create an excel spreadsheet (it must be saved as a .csv file) with a list of all the user eIDs. The format of this spreadsheet should look like this:

"jpmartin", "S"

"jcavery", "S"

(All in one column BUT separate rows)


jpmartin, S

jcavery, S

(In separate columns AND separate rows)

Note: S indicates the role you would like the users to have. The link below will explain what the symbol for each role is as well as more in-depth instructions. If all of the users you are enrolling are going to have a role of participant, there is no need to add a symbol to a role because participant if the default if nothing is indicated.

Again, the file MUST be saved as a .csv file. Once this spreadsheet is created, follow the instructions below.

1. Within the Manage My Organizations module, click Edit Users.

2. On the Organization Enrollment Tools page, click Batch Add Users if you are adding users and click Batch Remove Users if you are removing users.

3. Click Browse and search for the .csv spreadsheet.

4. Click Submit.

Go to Blackboard's My Organizations Plus - Help Information page for more information and a printable version.