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Users can edit their personal information and settings from the global navigation menu.

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eLearning Tools

Bb Home: Gives you an overview of the items that are due and recently graded. Move your mouse pointer over Viewto reveal your grade. Bb Home displays the five most recent activities relevant to you.
Calendar: Review everything you have due and be reminded of when you need to complete it. To learn more, see Calendar.
  Posts: Displays the posts made in the last seven days in the courses and organizations you are enrolled in and follow. For example, you can see when a classmate submits a blog post in your course.
Updates: Review a list of notifications alerting you to important events and information. For example, you can see when an assignment has been graded. To learn more, see Updates.
My Grades: View your grades for each assignment, test, or activity in all of your courses. Sort the grades by date or course. To learn more, see My Grades.
Help: Go to Behind the Blackboard for manuals, tutorials, and more.

eLearning Social Community

Identity and presence are an important part of participation in learning activities. With Blackboard's social learning tools, users can create an online identity, find and connect with other users, and engage in group and peer collaboration.

Profile: Define your personal identity to share with those in your academic network. Click this empty profile icon to upload your avatar. To learn more, see Profiles.
People: Find and interact with peers, classmates, and instructors. To learn more, see People.

Watch this video to see how you can interact with your academic community in a more informal and social way, all while keeping your academic life separate from your personal life - Watch Tutorial


Quick Links on what used to by called the My Blackboard tab (now called the eLearning tab) have gone away and can now be located within the Global Navigation Menu under Tools.