Set Privacy Options

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Privacy option allows users to choose the information they want to make publicly available. This information appears in the roster and on group pages. Users may also choose to make this information available in the User Directory. If an email address is not available, it does not appear in the roster, group pages, User Directory, or in any other part of the application.

Privacy settings can be set within a profile. The privacy settings in a user's personal profile set how their profile appears in the people tool.

To learn more about online safety, see Protecting Your Reputation and Identity Online.

1. From the global navigation menu, click Settings, and then click Personal Information.

2. Click Set Privacy Options.

3. Select the appropriate check boxes to make personal information visible to other Blackboard users.

4. To list profile information in the User Directory, select the check box.

5. To prevent other course/organization members from contacting you by email, select the email option check box.

6. To prevent your name from appearing in the course/organization roster, select the check box.

7. Click Submit.