View a Course/Organization

1.  Go to

2. Log into Blackboard using your eID/username and password.

View Courses

By default, the page will open within the eLearning tab at the top of the page.

** A student will only see their course(s) if the instructor has made it available.

3. The user's courses will be listed within the My Courses module within the eLearning tab. Students will see the courses in which they are enrolled, while Faculty will see the courses they are teaching.

4. Click on the course title to access the course content.

View Organization

Access to an organization is the same except you must be on the Organizations tab.

Within the Organizations tab, Leaders can also access the Manage My Organizations module; formerly known as My Organizations Plus. This module allows leaders to batch enroll and batch remove users from their organizations.

This article was updated: 05/17/2017