Faculty Tools

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Faculty members must have "faculty rights" to create or copy courses. Only users who are listed as Faculty and/or scheduled as the instructor of a course within Banner will be given faculty rights. This could include graduate students who are scheduled as an instructor of a course.

Students who are performing as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in a course are not given faculty rights; the instructor of that course must first create the course themselves and then manually add the student as a TA.

Once given faculty rights, users will see a module on their Resources tab called Faculty Tools - v1.6. Once a user clicks on the Create or Copy a Course, they will be prompted to enter their eID and password.

* If a staff member needs faculty rights to be able to create courses (i.e. training courses), they will need to have their dean, or equivalent, put in a request for the staff member to be granted access to the tool.