Delete a Course/Organization


Courses are not "deleted" unless,

  • It was created in error and needs to be recreated (i.e., the users created a course and wanted to copy, the user created the wrong course ID.)
  • It was created in error by the wrong instructor and the correct instructor needs it created.

Aside from these, all course deletions will be taken care of by the automatic archiving system. Please see our Blackboard Course Deletion Procedure.

An alternative while waiting for the course to be automatically archived is to hide the course from your My Course list. Please see the Hide a Course from the My Courses Module page for more information.


A Leader must put a ticket into the IT Support Center requesting that an organization be deleted. If there is more than one Leader on the organization, then all leaders must agree that the organization can be deleted; appoint one person to make all the other leaders participant, and then put in the request. If their roles are not changed to a participant, and there is more than one leader listed on an organization, the support person will not be able to delete the organization until each leader has confirmed that it is ok to delete the organization.

Be aware that there is no backup/archives of an organization. Once an organization is deleted there is no way to retrieve it, ever.

If a user wants to be removed from an organization, (s)he must contact a leader of the organization and request that they remove them from the organization.

This article was updated: 12/6/2017