Merge/Cross-list Courses

**Organizations cannot be merged/cross-listed.
Faculty who teach multiple sections often prefer to have students listed under one course roster. The student roster from multiple sections of the same course can be merged (cross-listed) into one course roster in Blackboard.

Merge Multiple Course Roster

1. Be sure to create the course that ALL of the students from each section will be merged into. It is recommended that an instructor create a special course with a section number that is not an official Banner existing section.

For example, if a user wants sections 001 and 002 merged into a single course then create/copy the new course to Section XXX, where XXX is a section number that is not a official/valid VCU course section for the semester (i.e. POLI-379-001 and POLI-379-002 would be combined into POLI-379-XXX.) 

2. Once the POLI-379-XXX course has been created, send an email (, call the help desk at 804-828-2227, or enter an IT Support Center ticket with the necessary information.

Example of what a ticket request should look like:
"Please combine sections 001, 002, 003 and 004 of POLI-379 into the Blackboard course POLI-379-XXX-2009Fall."


“Please combine WMNS-101-001-2009Fall and INTL-101-001-2009Fall into the Blackboard course INTL-101-XXX-2009Fall”

It usually takes up to one business day (24 hours) for the roster to update after the request has been made for combined sections (cross-listings), and after the main course has been created in Blackboard.

If an instructor wants the students to show up in a merged course and also in the individual sections of a merged course, create the individual courses and perform steps 1 and 2 above.

This article was updated: 04/25/2017