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Create/Copy a Special Course

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There are two options for creating a new special course.

* "Special" course meaning a course that is not officially listed in Banner (i.e. rubrics that start with MISC, TRAIN, etc. or course with special section numbers usually used for merging, BIOL-101-ALL-2017Spring)

  • Create a Course allows the user to create a new empty shell.
  • Copy a Course allows the user to copy a course with all of its contents from a previous semester into a new semester.

*This does not copy annoucments, discussion board, or student information (i.e. activities, grades, etc.)

Create or Copy a Course (To Create a Course, choose step 7a and to copy a course choose step 7b)

1. Once logged in, go to the Resources tab within the Faculty Tools module, click the Create or Copy a Course link.

You will be taken to a new site and required to login using your eID and password.

2. From the dropdown list, select a semester and year (i.e. Spring 2017.) Click Next.

4. Select the radio button beside "I want to manually create or copy a course." Click Next.

5. Enter the course ID by selecting a rubric and entering the course number, section number, and title of the course you are trying to create or copy to.

6. Click Next.

7a. If you would like to create a new blank shell course (meaning a brand new empty course), check the box beside "Do not copy content from another course." Click Next.

7b. If you would like to copy from a previous semester course, put a check in this box beside  "Do not copy content from another course" and select the course you would like to copy from using the "--Select a Course--" drop down menu. Any courses you have taught or are enrolled in as instructor will be listed. Click Next.

8. Click the green Create Course button.