Give students/participants a heads up on what to expect, new postings, due dates, etc.

New announcements appear directly below the repositionable bar. Reorder by dragging Announcements to new positions. Move priority Announcements above the repositionable bar to pin them to the top of the list and prevent new Announcements from superseding them. The order shown here is the order presented to students/participants.

Students/Participants do not see the bar and cannot reorder Announcements.

1. Turn Edit Mode ON.

Edit Mode Blackboard

2. Go to the Announcement button, which is usually a default button or go to Tools/Communications >> Announcements.

3. Click Create Announcement.

4. Enter a Subject and the Message.

5. Enter a Duration option

  • Not Date Restricted - an announcement is permanent.
  • Date Restricted - allows you to select the date and time for the announcement to automatically be displayed (Display After) and removed (Display Until).

6. Select if you would like to notify the students/participants of a new announcement immediately via email by checking the Email Announcement box.

7. Enter a Course Link - optional

8. Click Submit.

This article was updated: 12/8/2017