Blogs are an open communications tool for Students/Participants to share their thoughts.

In Blackboard Learn, blogs consist of two elements:

  • Blog entries: Text, images, links, multimedia, mashups, and attachments added by course/organization members open for comments.
  • Comments: Remarks or responses to blog entries made by other course/organization members, including the instructor/leader.

You can choose to allow students/participants to participate in blogs in three ways:

  • Course/Organization Blogs: You can create a course/organization blog and determine the topic you want addressed. All course/organization members can add blog entries and comment on blog entries.
  • Individual Blogs: Each person can add entries only to their own blog. All other course/organization members can view and add comments to it.
  • Group BlogsIf you enable the blogs tool for a group of users:
    • Group members can add blog entries and make comments on blog entries, building upon one another.
    • All course/organization members can view group blogs, but non-group members can only add comments.

** You have full control over all blogs in your course/organization and can edit and delete entries in any of the blog types. You can also delete user comments.

Access to Blogs

Users removed from the Course/Organization will not have access to any Blogs. If users are removed from the Course/Organization after Individual Blogs have been created, all their Entries and Comments will be deleted. If users are removed after Course/Organization Blogs have been created, all their Entries and Comments will be retained, but the name of the author or commenter will be changed to "Anonymous."

This article was updated: 05/3/2017