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Use the contacts tool to add profile information about yourself and other staff for students/participants (Teaching Assistants/Assistants). You can provide information about office hours, phone numbers, and other links to help students/participants find the people who have important roles in your course/organization.

You can use folders to organize the profiles. For example, create a teaching assistant/assistant folder and assign all TA contacts to it.


Create or Edit a Contact

1. On the course menu, click the Tools link. On the Tools page, click Contacts.


   On the Control Panel, expand the Course/Organization Tools section and click Contacts.

2. On the Contacts page, click Create Contact.

To edit, access the item's chevron button and click Edit.

3. On the Create Contact page, provide the necessary Profile Information. The Office Location, Office Hours, and Notes fields have a 255-character limit.

4. Click Yes to Make the Contact Available to students. If you click No, none of the information provided on the page appears to students/participants.

5. Optionally, for Attach Image, click Browse to search for a image. This image is included next to the profile on the Contacts page. The image size must be 150 x 150 pixels.

6. Optionally, for the Personal Link, type the URL for a contact’s home page. When adding a URL, include the full address and protocol. For example, This link appears with the profile on the Contacts page.

7. Click Submit.

Create or Edit a Contacts Folder

1. Access a folder's chevron menu and click Edit.

2. On the Create Folder page, select a Name from the drop-down list or type a new name.

3. In the Text box, type a description.

4. Click Yes to make the folder available.

5. Click Submit.

This article was updated: 05/3/2017