Post First

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You can create "post first" forums where you ask students/participants to respond before they can read their classmates' posts.

Post First Notice

The forum description you provide appears when users create a thread and when they encounter a thread with the post first setting. Forum descriptions are often used as prompts for discussion and are visible where users are posting.

You can choose between Standard View, the default, and Participants must create a thread to view other threads in this forum, which is the "post first" setting.

Forum settings are grouped into related areas on the page, making it easier to scan and select options. Settings that are not available based on the current selections are grayed-out or have strike-through text.

For example, when you apply the post first setting, various settings are automatically set and made unavailable for change to maintain the integrity of the post first capability. An author is not allowed to delete his posts to avoid a student/participant posting something first to see others’ posts, and then editing their post after the fact.

Post First Required Settings