Grade Group Wikis

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Group Wiki Grading

On the Participation Summary page, the grading sidebar appears, listing all group members.

Participation Summary

The needs grading icon appears in the All drop-down list for contributing group members. When you add a grade for a group wiki, the grade is automatically given to all the members of the group and is populated in the corresponding column in the Grade Center for each group member. All members are assigned a grade, regardless if a member did not contribute. Students/Participants can view their group wiki grades in My Grades and on their My Contribution pages.

Change an Individual Member's Grade

You can assign an individual group member a different grade than the group by editing the grade for the member. If you change a group member’s grade, and you assign a new group grade, the new group grade will not affect the individual’s new grade. Individual members only see one grade, not what each member earned. The individual’s new grade will not appear to the other group members.

On the Participation Summary page, in the grading sidebar, click the pencil icon to change the group grade for a member. Type a new grade and click the check mark icon to save it. This grade becomes an override grade.

Individual Group Grade

The group grade and the individual group member’s edited grade also appear in the Grade Center. Grayed out cells appear in the group wiki column for course members who are not part of the group. You can also edit the grade from the Grade Center.

Revert a Member's Edited Grade

You can revert a member’s edited grade to the original group grade, which all group members received.

On the group's Participation Summary page, click the pencil icon for the user with the edited grade. Click the left-pointing arrow to change the grade to the original group grade. The override icon is removed. The change also appears in the Grade Center.