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Send Email

Users can send email to all or selected individual Users, Students/Participants, Groups, Teaching Assistants/Assistants, or Instructors/Leaders. From a course/organization, email cannot be sent to anyone who is not a member of the course/organization.

All Blackboard users have the option to send emails to other users within a course/organization. Users can send emails to all or select individuals (i.e. All Users, All Groups, All TA Users, All Student Users, All Instructor Users, etc.)

Instructors/Leaders can also, limit who users can send emails to within the course by going to the Control Panel >> Customization >> Tool Availability.

Emails cannot be sent to users that are not enrolled in the course/organization.

Note: Replies to emails are received in the user’s individual VCU/Gmail email accounts provided by the university. There is no "Sent"  or "Received" folder to keep track of emails that were previously sent or received within Blackboard. Once an email is sent from Blackboard it is then maintained within the VCU email system, not Blackboard.

1. Click Send Email.

2. Select the users this emails will be sent out to (i.e. All Users, All Groups, All TAs, All Students, All Instructors, Select Users or Select Groups).

3. Enter the Subject and the Message. (Attach a file if needed.)

If sending to select individuals or groups, select the individual or group from the “Items to Select” box and move them over to the “Selected Items” box.

A list of users with invalid emails will also be listed.

4. Click Submit.

This article was updated: 05/4/2017