Wikis allow course/organization members to contribute and modify one or more pages of course/organization related materials, providing a means of sharing and collaboration. Users can create and edit pages quickly, while tracking changes and additions, allowing for effective collaboration between multiple writers. You can create one or more wikis for all course/organization members to contribute to and wikis for specific groups to use to collaborate.

All course/organization members can use the wikis tool to record information and serve as a repository for course/organization information and knowledge. A course/organization wiki is a vast source of information compiled by course/organization members. Wikis can help build a community of collaboration and learning by increasing social interaction during the exchange of information.

Students/Participants use a wiki to collaborate on shared content from different times and locations. They can view previous changes, comment on content or changes, include new content, and revise existing content. Similar to the discussion board, you act as a facilitator instead of the provider of all course content. Unlike a blog, which can be quite personal, wikis require intense collaboration, where information is linked to and built upon.

You can grade student/participant contributions to a wiki or use it solely for course/organization content review. In either instance, a student/participant can contribute multiple pages to a single wiki and make unlimited revisions to pages submitted by any course/organization member. You can also enable the group wiki tool to help groups share and interact.

You can view all changes to all pages in a wiki. You can view the changes at a high level, and you can drill down to see information about contributions by any individual.

Create Wiki Topics

Watch Tutorial

Instructors/Leaders create course/organization wikis. Any course/organization member can create pages, unless you intend to be the sole author and use the wiki as course/organization content. Groups can also use wikis.

1. Turn Edit Mode ON.
Edit Mode Blackboard
2. On the Control Panel, expand the Course/Organization Tools section and click Wikis.
    Go to Tools/Communication >> Wikis.
3. On the Wikis listing page, click Create Wiki.
4. On the Create Wiki page, type a name and optional instructions.
5. Make the wiki available.
6. Choose the Student Aaccess option. You can change the student/participant access at any time.
  • Closed to Editing: Select this option when you are the only one contributing pages or to disallow further page editing by users when you are ready to start grading the wikis contributions. All course/organization members are allowed to view wikis that are closed to editing.
  • Open to Editing: Allows users to modify any wiki page. In a group wiki, a user must be a member of the group to edit a wiki page.
7. In the Wiki Settings section, make a grading selection. If you select Grade: Points possible, type a grade to make the wiki a graded item. After you enable grading, a column is created automatically in the Grade Center. It is permanently gradable, and you cannot change it to No grading.

Wiki Settings

8. Optionally, select the check box and the number of page saves required to show participants in needs grading status. Applying this setting will show the needs grading icon—the exclamation mark—in the Grade Center and place the entries in the queue on the Needs Grading page after the specified number of page saves have been made. 

9. Optionally, associate a rubric by pointing to Add Rubric.

10. Click Submit.

he wiki topics appear in alphabetical order on the Wikis listing page. You can sort columns by clicking the column title.

A. On the Wikis listing page, click the title to access a wiki -OR- access a bike's contextual menu and click Open.
B. To change a wiki's availability or student access, select one or more check boxes and use the Availability and Student Access drop-down lists.
C. The Type column lists whether a wiki is for the course/organization or for a group.
D. Access a wiki's chevron button and click Edit Properties to change a wiki's name, instructions, and settings.
Create Wiki Pages
1. On the Wikis listing page, click a wiki title.
2. On the wiki’s topic page, click Create Wiki Page.
3. On the Create Wiki Page, type a name and a description or instructions.
4. Click Submit.
Note: You can delete an entire wiki or pages within a wiki, but you cannot delete the wiki home page by itself. Students/Participants do not have the ability to delete wiki pages.

This article was updated: 05/4/2017