Edit and Manage Wikis

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Any course/organization member can edit a course wiki page and any group member can edit a group wiki page, unless you have disabled this function. You might choose to disable editing when it is time to grade the wiki pages. However, you can still edit student/participant pages. All course/organization members, including instructors/leaders, edit in the same way.

When a user is editing a wiki page, it is locked for a duration of 120 seconds to prevent others from editing the same page. Users are informed that another user is currently editing the page. The lock will expire in 120 seconds regardless of a user's activity/inactivity. After 120 seconds, another user can start editing the page and a new 120 seconds lock is placed on the page.

You cannot edit the lock or amount of time.

Edit Wiki Content

Because a wiki stores each version in its history, which includes who made changes, you have an opportunity to retrieve information about the development and contributions for any individual. You can click History in a page’s contextual menu to see how a page was modified, view any version, and compare two versions side by side.

Use the following steps to edit a wiki page.

1. Access the wiki. The wiki topic page appears.

2. Select the page to review and edit. The wiki page opens in the content frame.

3. In the sidebar, access the page’s contextual menu and click Edit Properties.


    Click Edit Wiki Content next to the page’s title in the content frame.

4. On the Edit Wiki Page, you can make changes to the name and content of the page.

5. Click Submit.

Delete a Wiki

If you no longer need a wiki, you can delete it. Deleting a wiki is permanent.

Note: If a wiki is gradable, the Delete Confirmation page appears. You need to perform extra steps to remove a gradable wiki.

1. Turn Edit Mode ON.

Edit Mode Blackboard

2. On the Wikis listing page, access a wiki's chevron button and click Delete.

3. Click OK in the pop-up warning. The Delete Confirmation page appears. You have two options: 

  • Do not select check boxes: The wiki is deleted, but the Grade Center column and scores you have assigned are retained. For example, all student/participant contributions are graded and you want to keep the Grade Center column for the final grade calculations. If you delete a wiki, yet retain the Grade Center column, you can delete that column from the Grade Center at any time.
  • Select the check boxes: The grade column in the Grade Center and the wiki are deleted. For example, if you do not want to include the grade column for the wiki contributions in the final grade, you can safely delete all.