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Tests are used to assess your mastery over course/organization content and objectives. Your instructor/leader assigns point values to questions in the test. Your answers are submitted for grading, and the results are recorded in the Grade Center. You can view your grades in My Grades when your instructor/leader makes them available to you.

You can find tests in any content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder.

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Your instructor/leader lets you know when a test is available and where to find it in your course/organization.

Tips for Taking a Test

  • Start your test as soon as you can. If your instructor/leaders schedules three days for your test, plan to take the exam early on the first day. That way, if you have an issue, you will have time to contact technical support and your instructor/leader.
  • Be prepared. Have any materials that you need at hand.
  • Read all of the instructions. If you have any trouble taking your test or understanding test questions, contact your instructor/leader immediately.
  • Check your Internet connection. You need to make sure that you have a strong internet connection.
    • A wired connection is usually more reliable than a wireless connection.
    • Check with your instructor/leader and institution before taking a test using a cellular data connection. Most institutions will advise you to avoid using a cellular data connection unless your institution is a Blackboard Mobile Learn-enabled site with a Bb Mobile Learn app available AND your instructor/leader has created a Mobile-compatible test.
  • Do not refresh the page, close the window, or click the browser's back button while taking a test. If you experience problems during a test, contact your instructor/leader immediately.
Take a Test
1. Navigate to the test and click the title.
2. Click Begin to take the test.

3. Your instructor/leader may choose to have you type a password to begin taking a test. If necessary, type the valid password and click Submit to begin the test. The test continues to prompt for a valid password until the correct one is provided.

4. As you work, answers are saved automatically - you will see this happening on the right side of each question as you work through them. You can also click Save next to each question or Save All Answers at the top or bottom of the page as you work. If your instructor/leader associated a rubric with an Essay, File Response, or Short Answer question, click View Rubric to display grading criteria.

5. When you complete the test, click Save and Submit.

WARNING! Do not use the browser's back button during a test. This may cause loss of data. If you have difficulties while taking a test, contact your instructor/leader.