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The assignments tool presents a variety of learning activities. You view and submit assignments from one location.

Assignments list the name, description, and attachments for class work. Your instructor/leader provides you all the information you need to complete the assignment. You can include comments for your instructor/leader before you submit your work. You may upload files to complete the assignment from your computer. You can also attach files from the Content Collection.

Watch Tutorial

1. On the course/organization menu, select the content area that holds the assignment. For example, your instructor/leader might create an Assignments content area button.

2. Click the name of the assignment.

3. On the Upload Assignment page, review the instructions, due date, points possible, and download any files provided by your instructor/leader. Complete the assignment using one or both of the following:

  • Click Write Submission to expand the Text Submission box where you can type your response. You can use the content editor to format text, add files, images, links, multimedia, and mashups.
  • If your response to the assignment is in a separate file, click Browse My Computer, Browse Content Collection and select a file to attach or drag and drop your file into the dotted line.

    ** Follow the instructions that your instructor/leader provided for naming your file. (Note: DO NOT use special characters when naming a file i.e. @$%#:;, etc.)
  • If you select the wrong file, you can remove it by clicking Do not attach. If the same file is attached to your assignment more than once, the new file is saved with a number appended to the name, such as history_assignment(1).doc.
  • If your instructor/leader is using a rubric and has made it available, click View Rubric to view the grading criteria.

4. Optionally, type Comments.

5. Click Submit.

** When you finish your assignment, you must click Submit, not Save Draft. If you do not, your instructor/leader will not receive your completed assignment.

A success message appears, confirming the assignment submission.




WARNING! If your instructor/leader has not allowed multiple attempts, you can submit your assignment only once. Before you click Submit, be sure that you have attached any required files to your assignment.

Save an Assignment as a Draft and Submit Later

Click Save as Draft if you need to return to your assignment at a later time. This function saves your comments and files on the page. When you return, you can resume working.

1. On the Upload Assignment page, click Save Draft to save your changes and continue working later.

2. Return to your assignment and click the assignment title.

3. On the Review Submission History page, click Continue.

4. On the Upload Assignment page, make your changes.

5. Optionally, type Comments.

6. Click Submit.

The Review Submission History page appears showing the information about your submitted assignment.

Edit or Resubmit an Assignment

Your instructor/leader may allow you to submit an assignment more than once for a variety of reasons. For example, your instructor/leader can provide comments on your first draft so that you can try to improve your work. Your instructor/leader can choose to use either the highest graded attempt or the last graded attempt for your grade.

If your instructor/leader allows you to submit an assignment more than once, you will see Start New on the Review Submission History page. You access this page by clicking the assignment link in your course/organization.

1. Return to your assignment.

2. On the Review Submission History page, view the details of your first submission. Click Start New.

3. On the Upload Assignment page, resubmit a new document.

4. Optionally, type Comments.

5. Click Submit. You are returned to the Review Submission History page where your submission appears.

6. View your past submission attempts by expanding the Attempt section.