View SafeAssignment Submissions

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View your submissions and the SafeAssign reports associated with it by accessing the SafeAssignment after submitting your paper. This option is only available if allowed by your instructor/leader.

1. Return to the assignment link in the content area that holds the SafeAssignment(i.e. the Assignments content area.)

2.  Look for the SafeAssignment and click View/Complete. You will find:

  • Assignment Information: This section displays the name of the SafeAssignment and its description.
  • Submitted Work:This section provides link to the following:
    • Text: Select this option to view your paper and comments.
    • File: Select this option to download the submission.
    • Matching: The percentage listed is the percentage of your paper that matches other sources. Read the full report to determine if the matching is properly attributed.
    • SA Report: Select this option to view the full SafeAssign report.
  • View Grade: This section lists the grade given by your instructor/leader.
  • Instructor's/Leader's Feedback: This section lists any feedback, and provides links to open or download any files attached by your instructor/leader.