Evaluate a Self and Peer Assessment

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This allows students/participants to evaluate their peer's assessments providing valuable feedback on submitted answers. This feedback can provide improved comprehension of the material for both the assessed peer and the student/participant providing the evaluation.

Students/Participants can access the assessment using the same link they used to begin the evaluation. The Evaluation Overview page lists the number of submissions the student/participant needs to evaluate (including their own), with the evaluator's own name at the top of the list. If anonymous evaluations are enabled, the evaluator does not see the name of the student/participant whose assessment they are evaluating.

** Evaluations can only be done on the set dates chosen by the instructor/leader. If you do not see an option to evaluate, please contact your instructor/leader.

To Evaluate a Self and Peer Assessment

1. Locate the Self and Peer Assessment within the course/organization - this location may vary.

2. Click the View/Complete Assessment link to begin the assessment.

3. Click the appropriate Evaluator name link.

4. View the Model Response if provided by the instructor (the model response is the standard each student should be following in order to evaluate their peers) and enter the number of points to award the submission in the points possible field.

5. Enter text in the Feedback field (if requested).

6. Click the Allocate Points check box.

7. Click Save and Next to move to the next criteria.

8. Click OK.