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Earning rewards by successfully completing achievements set by your instructors/leaders is a valuable way of showing what you know and taking it with you where you go.

The Achievements tool allows instructors/leaders to create opportunities for students/participants to earn recognition for their accomplishments. These opportunities are called achievements. Instructors/Leaders designate criteria for issuing rewards to students/participants in the form of both badges and certificates.

Students/Participants can see which rewards they have earned and what is required to receive additional rewards, providing insight into learning progression toward defined competencies. Students/Participants can publish badges to the Mozilla Open Backpack, transporting evidence of their learning outside of Blackboard Learn. Instructors/Leaders can easily see which students/participants have reached learning milestones.

Learn more about Open Badges and Mozilla Open Backpack.

The My Achievements Page

On the My Achievements page, you can see earned achievements and any unearned achievements that are visible. At the top of the page, you can filter the list of achievements.

If you've earned new achievements since the last time you visited the My Achievements page, a notification appears at the top of the page. When you receive achievement rewards, you'll immediately get a notification at the top of the page you are currently viewing. Students can also see notifications in these areas:

  • On the Updates pages
  • With the achievement item in the course

An achievement's View Requirements page displays the criteria required to earn the reward and your current progress toward fulfillment. Within an achievement, you can see more information, such as reward details.

You can view and print the certificates your instructor awards to you. For badges you earn, you can view and publish the badges to your Mozilla Badge Backpacks if allowed by your instructor and institution.

** If an instructor chooses to delete an achievement that you earned a reward for, the associated reward will also be deleted.