View Test/Assignment Results and Feedback

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View Test Results and Feedback

The majority of questions in tests are auto-graded. When creating a test, your instructor/leader defines the correct answers and assigns a certain number of points to each question. The system validates your answers against the key and assigns the score. You may see your score immediately after completing the test if all questions are auto-graded and your instructor/leader releases this information. Your instructor/leader may choose a date in the future before releasing specific test information to allow for your classmates to take the test.

Essay, File Response, and Short Answer questions are not auto-graded. Your instructor/leader must manually grade these question types. Grades for tests with these question types are released after your instructor/leader finishes grading and allows it.

If your instructor/leader associated a rubric with an Essay, File Response, or Short Answer question and made it available, View Rubric appears next to the Save Answer function. Click View Rubric to review the criteria your instructor/leader has chosen.

After completing a test, the performance results you receive depend on the options selected by your instructor/leader. For example, your instructor/leader may only show the final score for one test, while for another test the final score and correct answers are displayed. Feedback includes one or more of the following:

  • Final score for the test
  • Answers submitted
  • Correct answers
  • Feedback for the questions

To access feedback and grade information:

1. Select the test in the content area (if in the content area, click Begin as if you are going to take the test again and then click the View All Attempts button) or use My Grades (if you are in the My Grades area, click the title of the test first).

2. On the View Attempts page, click the grade link in the Calculated Grade column to access the test, your answers, and any instructor/leader feedback.

If your instructor/leader used a rubric for grading an Essay, File Response, or Short Answer question and made it available, click View Rubric while viewing the graded test to see detailed information.

View Assignment Results and Feedback

Assignments are not graded automatically. Your instructor/leader needs to grade each assignment. You can review the information provided by your instructor/leader in My Grades or on the assignment's Review Submission History page.

1. Select the assignment in the content area or use My Grades (if you are in the My Grades area, click the title of the test first).

Review a Graded Assignment Submission Inline

You can view your grade and any annotations your instructor/leader made to your assignment submission directly from the assignment attempt without downloading the file.

Inline Viewing Supported Formats

Submitted files open within the grading screen. Supported document types that are viewable in the grading screen are Word (DOC, DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), and PDF. Original formatting and embedded images are preserved.

The viewer is supported on current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. No plug-in or other application is necessary.

If you uploaded a file that is not in a format supported by the inline viewer, then you do not see the viewer.