Organizes projects (referred to as tasks), defines task priority, and tracks task status.

Note:  Your instructor/leader controls which tools are available.

Your instructor/leader can assign tasks to users participating in their course/organization. Tasks can also be assigned to all members of a course/organization group.

Note: Students/Participants cannot create tasks within a course/organization; they can only view tasks that have been created by the instructor/leaders. If a student/participant wants to create a personal task, they must do so from the My Blackboard tab Tools panel.

1. Go to Tools/Communications >> Tasks

2. Click on the task title for details about the task such as the due date, on what the task actually entails, and its priority status.

3. Click on the chevron button beside the task title and select whether you have "Set Not Started," "Set In Progress," or "Set Completed."

From the Tools panel on the My Blackboard tab, you can view all of your tasks, including those from the courses/organization you are participating in, tasks posted by the Blackboard administrator at your school, and your personal tasks. You can create your own tasks and post them to the Tasks page. When you access tasks through the course/organization, you view tasks for that specific course/organization.

This article was updated: 05/11/2017