Criteria Missing from Self and Peer Assessment

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Issue: Students are unable to evaluate peers because there is no area to enter feedback, evaluation or grade.

Common User Error: The instructor forgets/does not realize to add criteria to each question.

Adding Criteria to a Question

The Criteria that accompany each Question provide the means to evaluate the responses to those Questions. The number or Criteria can also range from one ("Did the answer =4") to many:

  • Does the response place the issue within the broader context of the subject?
  • Is the response well organized and clearly laid out?
  • Was the response proofread carefully? Was it free of significant grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors?

In general, essay questions may require many criteria per question while shorter questions may only require one or two criteria.

How to Add Criteria to a Question

  1. Click Edit next to the appropriate Assessment.
  2. Click Assessment Canvas.
  3. Click Criteria next to the appropriate question.
  4. Click Add Criteria.
  5. Type criteria text in the CriteriaText Editor.
  6. Type the number of points possible for this question in the Points Possible field.
  7. Click All or Nothing or Partial Credit to decide how to Assign Points.
  8. Click Yes or No to decide whether or not to Allow Feedback to User.
  9. Click Submit.

How to Add Word Count Criteria

If an Instructor wants to evaluate the length of an answer, it is possible to add a Word Count Criteria to a question. An Instructor may specify that an answer should be around 200 words. The Word Count Criteria enables points to be awarded based on the length of an answer (for example, points awarded if the answer is within 20 words of the 200 word maximum).

  1. Select Edit next to the created Self and Peer Assessment.
  2. Click Assessment Canvas.
  3. Click Criteria next to the desired Question.
  4. Click Add Word Count Criteria.
  5. Type the number of Points Possible.
  6. Type the Maximum Word Count.
  7. Type the Allowed Variation.
  8. Click Submit.