Instructor Cannot Manually Enroll Users

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Sometimes an instructor will be trying to manually enroll a user but will get an error message that says, "You do not have permission to enroll a user(s): train1" (or whatever eID you are trying to enter).

This is caused by users first entering the eID in the username box and then clicking browse and entering the eID again, then clicking Submit. What the users have done is try to enter the same user twice at the same time.

Users only need to enter the eID in the username box [once] and then click Submit. The browse box it only used to search for a user if the instructor does not know the eID already.

See in the attachment where the eID train1 is already entered into the username box (red box), but the user has also clicked the Browse button and checked the train1 user adding them again (blue box).

User first entered the eID in the username box, then clicks Browse and enters it again.

In the image below, you will see that the user in now entered into the username box twice.

Username Entered Twice

When the instructor clicks Submit, (s)he gets the error below.

Error when trying to Manullay Enroll

Note: The only other reason a user would get the above error is if the user is manually enrolled was once enrolled in the course through records and registration and banner and then officially withdrew form the course. This means the user is no longer enrolled in the course and is not getting credit for it. The student and instructor then need to contact records and registration to see who to get the user re-enrolled in the course, officially.