Bb Collaborate Cannot Create a Course Room Session

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Blackboard Collaborate Cannot Create a Course Room Session if the First Character of the Course is not Alpha-Numeric

Issue: When using Blackboard Collaborate 4.2, a course room session cannot be created if the first character of the course is not alpha-numeric.

The following error occurs: 2013-10-15 17:03:12,988 [TP-Processor49: userId=_21_1, sessionId=8AD1CFB8875D4F3C9D882D942F27B587] ERROR - Unable to Process ActionHandler: The 'Meeting Name' must begin with a letter or a digit. at at at at at

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Log in to Blackboard as an Administrator.
  2. Create a course starting with a non-alphanumeric character.
  3. Navigate into the course.
  4. Enable the "Course Room" tool in the course.
  5. Enter the Bb Collaborate Building block.

Expected Result: User can enter the Bb Collaborate block.

Observed Result: The user cannot enter the building block, and an error is displayed on the screen.
Error: "NOT FOUND The specified Resource was not found or you do not have permission to access it."