Copy and Paste Issue

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Issue: If a user tries to highlight text, right click, copy and then right click and paste into any text box (assignments, tests, email, etc.) within Bb, they may get the following pop up box:

Explanation: Unfortunately this is an issue with Java and not Blackboard. Oracle (owners of Java) have released information that due to security hole risks the direct access to a computer's clipboard has been disabled. You can read a similar statement here. The workaround in the article is not supported by Blackboard so test at your own risk. The supported workaround is to simply use the keyboard shortcuts to complete copy and paste tasks.

Resolution: Use the Control + C, Control +V, etc. options as mentioned in the pop-up.

Note: If you are using a MAC, be sure to use the Command key rather than the Control key. Also if you are having trouble in one browser try using a different browser. The most successful browser has been Safari.