Emailing Courses with Large Enrollments

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Problem Description: When sending email in Blackboard to All Users with enrollments over 250.  After selecting "SUBMIT" to send a message, the display goes blank except for the menu bar at the top.  The emails are sending; the page is just timing out.  As far as the user can tell, there is never any indication that the message is delivered.  User will have to re-enter their course to continue.

WorkAround: There are two options for selecting 'Return Receipt' for confirmation that email was sent.  Advise the Instructor to check the “Return Receipt” checkbox when sending a mass email. The return receipt is confirmation to the sender that the message was delivered.
Option 1:
  • Accessing Tools -> Send Email
  • Select 'Tools>Send Email'
  • Select 'All Users'
    • Note - A copy of this email will be sent to the sender is default.  The sender will receive a confirmation of email sent.
Option 2:
  • Accessing Course Tools -> Send Email
  • Select 'Course Tools>Send Email'
  • Select 'All Users'
  • Select 'Return Receipt' option
    • The read receipt checkbox shows
    • The sender gets a receipt listing the recipients of the email